We proudly present Alveer.

Alveer is excited to introduce team riders Evon Martinez, Adrianne Sloboh, Terrill Jefferson, Ryan Carrell and Chris Chann alongside founder Sewa Kroetkov. The team embodies the fundamental spirit of our brand—constant progression—as we strive to be the best versions of ourselves, in every respect.

For our inaugural product offering, we present our maximally optimized griptape formula that perfectly balances grip, foot maneuverability and flick with long-lasting durability.
Griptape is the key interface between you and your board. Following extensive research and development with attention to the finest details, our unique griptape formula has been designed to help you feel more connected to your board and more confident on your board than ever before.

With Alveer, our mission is to manufacture products of the highest quality and enhance everyone’s skateboarding experience.

We are Alveer.

  • Terrill Jefferson

  • Chris Chann

  • Adrianne Sloboh

  • Evon Martinez

  • Ryan Carrell

  • Sewa Kroetkov

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